Monday, May 11, 2009

Real Scout News

Pictured: IS8 Surprise Guest Peyton Siva (Louisville)

Written By: Nathan Blue
The Summer is heating up and things are getting crazy. I'll be doing a list of the Top 25 Players in Each Class to watch out for this summer, including both NY and NJ Players. Shouts to all the people who read the site. I'm not the greatest writer, but the site's been around for over 10 years strong, and will never shut down.

Other than my little rant right there, I'd like to give a Happy B-day Shout to Real Scout's Maurice Harkless, who turned 16 years old today. Have a Good B-Day, anybody need to contact me is the address..laters has IS8 Covered, check the Links Below.

Playaz Stunned By Rise in 2nd Round

Juice rally Falls Short; Playaz Soph Advance

R.A.I.D.E.R.S. Deny Ballers

The Elite Rule I.S.8/Nike

Panthers Claw Out Spot in iS8/Nike Semis

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