Monday, August 20, 2012

Players who should've been NBA Stars

Top five players who should've been nba!

#2- Lenny Cooke 6'7 NYC- yeah, alot of you guys are wondering, how can lenny not be #1.

Well honestly he was a lock for the nba. As time went on started to see he was slipping and sippin his own kool-Aid.

I actually seen him a few weeks ago, and we had a brief chat and exhanged hugs. He's not making any comeback anytime soon.

Lenny has faded from #1 on the Bball court and on this list... While NYC came in second... Cali will be happy (or not) that their guy came in first... Oh yeah its not Schea Cotton...

Im talking a star in todays hoops... Not a star maybe 5 years ago... Actually i believe #1 has time for redemption... West coast, West coast...

Star to be who never was "Lenny Cooke"

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